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A new production of “Beauty and the Beast” from the Scaffolding Theatre Company

Leora Zeitlin

Theatre companies and directors have a lot of leeway in how to present a play, but when it comes to Disney musicals, many follow as closely as possible to the film or Broadway productions. Not the Scaffolding Theatre Company, founded by Megan McQueen and Justin Lucero in 2014. This weekend, they’ll present “Beauty and the Beast” in a production that imaginatively reconsiders many classic elements of the show, including the staging, the storytelling framework, and even such famous objects as the teapot, candelabra, and forks. They see their approach “as a different way of getting our minds to open to the words of the story, a different way of reminding us of what it’s actually about,” McQueen told Intermezzo host Leora Zeitlin. In this interview, she talks about the details of their production as well as the background and appeal of the classic musical. The Scaffolding Theatre Company’s production will be performed this Friday and Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon, at the ASNMSU Center for the Arts.

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