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Global Vigilance: Music inspired by the US Air Force to be performed by MVCB

Leora Zeitlin

When David Beasley was preparing to deploy to Iraq with the US Air Force in the mid-2000s, he composed a piece for band that would reflect the three realms in which the Air Force worked: air, space and cyberspace. The piece itself embodied another sphere that has long enjoyed a historic relationship with the military: music. “It goes all the way back to the Bible. You hear about the horns at Jericho,” Beasley told Intermezzo host Leora Zeitlin in an interview at KRWG. “You’re talking about a long time with military and music – for drums and fifes and everything.” Beasley’s piece, entitled “Global Vigilance,” will be performed by the Mesilla Valley Concert Band in its first concert of the season this Sunday. He and conductor Dr. William Clark came to KRWG to talk about the piece, the band, and more.

Credit Leora Zeitlin
Composer David Beasley points to Dr. William Clark's markings in the score of "Global Vigilance," a piece the conductor described as "so difficult, but so good, so well put-together, so well-crafted that I knew we were going to play it."

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