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For all of Biden's successes or failures, it's really about 'COVID, stupid'

President Biden held a nearly two-hour, very wide-ranging news conference Wednesday that, for all its headlines, underscored how external forces shape his presidency as it enters its second year — and none more so than the ongoing pandemic. He touted accomplishments in his first year, from millions of vaccinations to the passage of massive COVID-19 relief and infrastructure bills. Biden reflected on his struggles, too, painted a relatively optimistic outlook for the country, laid out how he...

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Las Cruces, NM – Drawing from his grandparents' immigration to the U.S. 75 years ago from Russia, Jeff Steinborn opened his official announcement speech with what seemed like an attempt to relate to the politically powerful Hispanic communities that dominate the 2nd congressional district.

He also took a couple jabs at the man who he wants to unseat.

In the 2002 election it was hard to draw very many issue distinctions between Pearce and his Blue Dog Democrat rival State Senator John Arthur Smith.

Las Cruces, NM – When politicians talk about state-rights in regards to environmental protection, it typically is a way to get around federal laws. But a current debate in New Mexico turns this rationale upside down.

New Mexico's senior Senator Pete Domenici has been a longtime advocate for state autonomy. But the Senator has proposed legislation leading some to question his commitment to this principle.

Las Cruces, NM – Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) is raising concerns over President Bush's request for an additional $87 billion to fund the U.S occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to questioning the international leadership of the President, Bingaman fears the toll this deficit spending will have on domestic programs.

Las Cruces, NM – Greg Bloom interviews Maria Luisa Louise Diaz, co-operative weaver from Chiapas, Mexico; Barbra Shutz, German academic who has lived and worked with weaving co-operatives in Chiapas since 1996 and Jessica Marquez, grassroots coordinator, Mexico Solidarity Network about the social and political meanings of weaving cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexcio.

Las Cruces, NM – Several state environmental groups say they need more time to discuss the silvery minnow issue before Congress takes a vote on related legislation.

Las Cruces, NM – Proposed federal legislation could make it more difficult for some New Mexicans to get Welfare benefits.

Las Cruces, NM – A nuclear power plant shunned from Tennessee is being welcomed with open arms in New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM – Governor Bill Richardson is canvassing southern New Mexico to elicit support for changes to the state's educational system.

Las Cruces, NM – Border militias. A look at the rising tension and violence against Mexican immigrants in the American Southwest Desert with writer Max Blumenthal.

Las Cruces, NM – Mesilla Valley Hospital has added a new department to its mental health facilities.


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Kiribati and Samoa both implemented COVID-19 lockdowns on Saturday after international arrivals brought the virus with them, a rarity for the remote Pacific island nations.

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Arizona's Democratic Party is rebuking one of its own. Its executive board voted on Saturday to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over her opposition to changing the filibuster. By opposing the change, Sinema, along with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and all Senate Republicans, prevented Senate Democrats from advancing major voting rights legislation earlier this week.

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What answers do critics have for our national problems?

Jan 19, 2022

Commentary: President Biden's Administration is being attacked by critics for inflation, continuation of the Covid Pandemic and inability of Congress to pass voter-rights legislation. Let’s go through these issues one by one. Inflation was largely caused by high energy costs and supply-chain bottlenecks. Energy costs are set in the world market and heavily influenced by Saudi Arabia and Russia. Supply-chain issues occurred because of the severe downturn and sudden increase in demand  (over the past two years) due to the Covid Pandemic.

Tune out bogus claims of rampant voter fraud

Jan 18, 2022
Walt Rubel

Commentary: Republican lawmakers in New Mexico have alleged for years that our elections are plagued by massive voter fraud. They finally had their chance to prove it in 2011, with Susana Martinez as governor and Dianna Duran as secretary of state.

Duran was the first Republican secretary of state since E.A.Perrault in 1929. And, she came into office bound and determined to prove that claims of rampant voter fraud were real.

Enlisting the help of the State Police, they combed through seven years of voter registration records, from 2003 to 2010, and matched them against records for driver’s licenses. During a legislative committee meeting in 2011, Duran announced they had found 117 people who had used foreign credentials to obtain a driver’s license, and were also registered to vote.

Facing another year of COVID-19

Jan 16, 2022
Peter Goodman

Commentary: An email this morning says Judge Arrieta has closed the courts to in-person contacts with defendants and others for the next two weeks due to omicron-spiked coronavirus cases. My phone just buzzed to tell me one friend’s email about weekly coffee [outdoors] elicited from another friend: “Sorry guys. In retreat until the virus peaks.”

Seeking Strands of Light

Jan 16, 2022

Commentary: The first six months after having a baby is a battle. It's a battle in the transition between who you were and who you are turning into. With a baby born, a new mother is created.

In the trenches of the newborn weeks, during the deepest midnights, I held on to my daughter and waited for the first rays of morning light. When the sun finally broke against the strength of the streetlights, my body would physically relax. The rising sun would seep into me bit by bit, level to next level, recharging my mental batteries.

I was a lucky one; either my mom or my husband would tap in for the next hours. I didn't necessarily go straight to sleep; the sun charging me filled me with the hope of growth. Time moved forward, and I'd see small changes — a lifted head, a triumphant smile when my daughter pulled herself up, or when fat fists would push green chile into her mouth on her own.

The last few months have also felt like the depth of those dark hours. I've been straining to see the light on the horizon, signs of progress, but it's hard to focus when you and the rest of the country are in a time of transition. I've been holding on, feeling much like that new mom that does not know how to soothe someone she loves.

Seek Greater Transparency in Government Operations

Jan 16, 2022

Commentary: The League of Women Voters supports the citizen’s right to know, including adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings, and providing access to public records. 

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