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Coronavirus Found In China Prisons, As Cases Spike In South Korea

China reported 889 new cases of novel coronavirus infection on Friday, including more than 200 from a prison, and an additional 118 deaths – all but three in the province of Hubei, bringing the total deaths in the country to more than 2,200. The latest count came as South Korea, with the highest number of cases outside China, reported another jump in infections to 204. And residents clashed with police in a central Ukrainian town where evacuees from Wuhan, the Chinese province where the...

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Las Cruces, NM – IMRT therapy, the most advanced technology available for cancer treatment, is now in use by the Southern New Mexico Cancer Treatment Center. John Senyszyn, an oncologist at the
Center, says the high-tech computer program minimizes side effects and damage to healthy tissue. However, it's about double the cost of normal treatment.

Las Cruces, NM – Greg Bloom talks with NMSU professor Dr. Neil Harvey about the WTO and how it relates to the border region. He also discusses his recent trip to Chiapas and his impression of the communities there.

Las Cruces, NM – Greg Bloom talks with Juan Melendez, a Florida death row inmate who was released in 2002. Melendez talks about his 18 years in prison.

Las Cruces, NM – With most of the November 3rd election coverage going to the mayoral race, KRWG 90.7 has teamed up with the Las Cruces Sun-News by hosting city council and municipal judge debates. These debates will be featured online and can be heard on demand. If you have a question for these candidates send it to

Las Cruces, NM – With most of the November 3rd election coverage going to the mayoral race, KRWG 90.7 has teamed up with the Las Cruces Sun-News by hosting city council and municipal judge debates. These debates will be featured online and can be heard on demand. If you have a question for these candidates send it to

Las Cruces, NM – The lieutenant governor of New Mexico will head a 100 person committee tackling the monstrous assignment of education reform.

Las Cruces, NM – Teacher retention is improving in southern New Mexico, according to new statistics.

Las Cruces, NM – The NM Human Services Department and an economist from the Rio Grande Foundation comment on some of the changes to the Welfare Act of 1996.

Las Cruces, NM – A registered sex offender sentenced to 30 years is back in custody after violating his parole.

Deanna Garcia

Las Cruces, NM – A renowned activist for indigenous people in Ecuador is pleading for help.


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Thoughts On Valentine's Day From The Desert Sage

Feb 20, 2020
Photo by: Nathan J. Fish

Commentary: It was 8:15 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, a busy hour on a busy night for restaurants; but all was quiet at Walgreens, where I stood at checkout with a bottle of wine I had judiciously paired with a can of Progresso soup.

A young man of 25 to 30 walked in hurriedly, looked into a nearly empty bucket, and behind pleading eyes asked, “Are these the only flowers left?”

The cashier and I, two older males, regarded him with sympathy. “Last minute gets last pick,” the cashier said. The younger man shrank a foot in height and departed, probably to try his luck at Walmart if he had not been there already. Or a gas station. It’s true: Last minute gets last pick.

Does Chase really want to kill Santa Fe liberals?

Feb 20, 2020
Walt Rubel

Commentary:  There’s a dark side to the debate on gun laws that is not seen in any of our other political discussions: thinly veiled, or often completely unveiled threats of violence.

Clare Chase, a Republican candidate running for Congress, was the latest to participate. She recently posted an online video in opposition to bills in the state Legislature that would allow the courts to temporarily remove firearms from those shown to be a threat to themselves or others.

“Today I have a few words about the so-called red flag laws that the liberals in Santa Fe are pushing,” Chase said. She then fires a rifle from a tripod on the tailgate of a pickup truck at a red piece of cloth that had been hung out in the desert. The video ends with her turning to the camera and saying, “Today I have a few words for the liberals in Santa Fe; come and take ‘em.”

New Mexico Governor Secures Approval Of Early Childhood Trust Fund

Feb 19, 2020
Office of the Governor of New Mexico

Commentary: Surrounded by early childhood advocates, educators, lawmakers, children and parents, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Tuesday established the New Mexico Early Childhood Trust Fund, signing House Bill 83 into law in a Cabinet Room ceremony at the state capitol.

The Early Childhood Trust Fund, co-sponsored by Sen. John Arthur Smith and Rep. Doreen Gallegos, will provide for a transformative long-term investment strategy in the health, education and well-being of New Mexico’s youngest children. The fund, to be launched with a general fund appropriation of $320 million as provided for in the Senate-amended House Bill 2, will be sustained by the surplus of two revenue sources and will make distributions to support early childhood programming beginning in fiscal year 2022.

New Mexico Senate Adopts New Transparency Rule

Feb 17, 2020
Sen. Jeff Steinborn

Commentary: On Saturday, Senator Jeff Steinborn passed Senate Rule Two (SR 2) on a unanimous vote of 42-0 to allow the media and public to film and take pictures during Committee meetings of the State Senate.  The previous Rule which SR 2 replaced required someone to have to seek and obtain permission of Senate Committee Chairs in order to film.  In previous years citizens and members of the press and public have been occasionally denied the opportunity to film or take photos during committee meetings. 

Commentary: Spaceport Claims Don’t Add Up

Feb 16, 2020
Spaceport America

Commentary: A study released recently by the consulting firm Moss Adams made headlines with the rather implausible claim that Spaceport America began producing net economic and fiscal benefits for New Mexico as early as 2013. Since its anchor tenant, Virgin Galactic, has yet to launch a single manned space tourism flight, the Rio Grande Foundation undertook a detailed critique of these claims, relying on the audited financial statements from the Spaceport Authority and Capital Spending Records. 

Using these publicly-available data along with information from the Moss Adams report which were not previously available (such as estimates of Virgin Galactic’s spending on employee relocation), we estimate the Spaceport project has cost taxpayers roughly $275 million while generating just $54.3 million in income over the last 12 years. The Spaceport’s audited financial statements do not list any revenue other than taxes and transfers from the State government before 2015, making the 2013 breakeven date presented to the media especially egregious.

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