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Will Democrats 'Follow The Mueller Report To Where It Leads'?

Imagine, if you can, a scenario in which Attorney General William Barr declined to put out a four-page letter to Congress describing the Mueller report three weeks ago. Imagine, too, that he didn't hold a press conference Thursday before the redacted report's release. The narrative that set in after Barr stepped into the limelight might be very different. Barr declared in his letter that President Trump and his associates did not conspire with Russia to sway the 2016 presidential election and...

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Las Cruces, NM – Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) is raising concerns over President Bush's request for an additional $87 billion to fund the U.S occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to questioning the international leadership of the President, Bingaman fears the toll this deficit spending will have on domestic programs.

Las Cruces, NM – Greg Bloom interviews Maria Luisa Louise Diaz, co-operative weaver from Chiapas, Mexico; Barbra Shutz, German academic who has lived and worked with weaving co-operatives in Chiapas since 1996 and Jessica Marquez, grassroots coordinator, Mexico Solidarity Network about the social and political meanings of weaving cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexcio.

Las Cruces, NM – Several state environmental groups say they need more time to discuss the silvery minnow issue before Congress takes a vote on related legislation.

Las Cruces, NM – Proposed federal legislation could make it more difficult for some New Mexicans to get Welfare benefits.

Las Cruces, NM – A nuclear power plant shunned from Tennessee is being welcomed with open arms in New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM – Governor Bill Richardson is canvassing southern New Mexico to elicit support for changes to the state's educational system.

Las Cruces, NM – Border militias. A look at the rising tension and violence against Mexican immigrants in the American Southwest Desert with writer Max Blumenthal.

Las Cruces, NM – Mesilla Valley Hospital has added a new department to its mental health facilities.

Las Cruces, NM – Women may now have an increased defense against violence in Southern New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM – In the midst of its historic closeness to Earth, a Las Cruces astronomer is helping the effort to prove there was once water on the planet Mars.


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 Commentary: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Mexico sent a letter to New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Attorney General Hector Balderas asking them to investigate an armed vigilante group currently engaged in the unlawful detention of hundreds of migrants near New Mexico’s southern border.

Excerpted from the letter:

“Two nights ago, on April 16, 2019, an armed fascist militia organization describing itself as the United Constitutional Patriots arrested nearly three hundred people seeking safety in the United States, including young children, near Sunland Park, New Mexico. Other videos appear to show arrests in the past few hours.[1] The vigilante members of the organization, including Jim Benvie, who posted videos and photographs[2] of the unlawful arrests to social media, are not police or law enforcement and they have no authority under New Mexico or federal law to detain or arrest migrants in the United States. Their actions undermine the legitimate efforts of our state’s law enforcement officials to keep New Mexico families safe and they erode community trust. The Trump administration’s vile racism has emboldened white nationalists and fascists to flagrantly violate the law. This has no place in our state: we cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum. We urge you to immediately investigate this atrocious and unlawful conduct.” 

More audits would benefit honest taxpayers

14 hours ago
Dr. Chris Erickson

Commentary: Honest tax payers should want more IRS audits. Not of themselves, of course, but in general. The reason is to incentivize those who are less honest to pay their taxes.

In fact, a lot of taxes go uncollected. An IRS study for tax years 2008-2010 found he tax gap, which is the amount of money owed the IRS but not paid, averaged $406 billion per year. This translates into 16% of taxes going unpaid; about 2.8% of GDP.

"Electability" Is Once Again A Question For Democrats

Apr 18, 2019

Commentary: Behold! See, mortals, the unseeable: This week brought us a glimpse of a black hole, briefly flooding social media timelines and popular science digests with a blurry image of a fiery orange ring that newspaper writers have likened to everything from the eye of Sauron to a donut.

Commentary: Late Monday night, the Albuquerque City Council voted 5-3 to pass a weakened Clean and Green ordinance that will end single-use plastic bags in retail but allows restaurants to distribute single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and Styrofoam takeout containers.


Sierra Club’s Global Warming Emergency (formerly Global Warming Express) kids, who have been advocating for such an ordinance since the beginning of the year, waited for four hours to speak on the importance of ending the proliferation of single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and Styrofoam takeout containers that create microplastic and nanoplastic pollution that could endanger our health, in addition to damaging our oceans and killing wildlife.

Asylum seekers arrive at Community of Hope / City of Las Cruces

  Commentary: I’ve always been proud of the way our community treats those who are in need of help.

The most obvious example of that is the Community of Hope complex, where the homeless can get food, shelter, clothing, showers, counseling, computer access, job assistance and treatment for both their physical and mental health.

More recently, when federal authorities began dropping off families of Central America refugees in Las Cruces, El Calvario Methodist Church launched a massive volunteer effort to welcome those families and help them get to their sponsors around the country.


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