Day Five of the Tour

In this entry, Tammy talks about the trip from Brawley to Palo Verde, California.

Day 6: Blythe, CA to Hope, AZ

In this entry, Tammy begins to feel the strain of the ride.

The sign welcoming the riders to Blythe, California

Two of the group members, Hal (left) and Dick (yellow shirt)

The camp at Blythe, California. You can see I-10 in the background.

The tricycle that one of the group members is riding on the trip.

How they charge their cell phones when on the road.

Day 9: Layover day in Northwestern Arizona

In this entry, Tammy talks about the hardships of dealing with the rainy weather while riding. She talks about how they made the best of their time.

Some of the group huddled in the laundry room of the Northwest Phoenix camp. It started to rain the night they arrived and they had to huddle in the laundry room to stay dry

Ewen from Scotland with his new mirror that he just purchased at the bike shop

Day 7: Hope, AZ to Wickenburg, AZ

In this entry, Tammy talks about some of the luxuries of cycling on the road.

Leaving Hope, Arizona

Tammy taking a picture break

Tammy outside Wickenburg, Arizona

Day 4 of the tour

In this entry, Tammy talks about the challenges of the ride so far.

No Photos for this entry

Day 8: The arrival of the Travel Channel

In this entry, Tammy talks about the Travel Channel crew that is filming a day of their tour for an upcoming episode on travel gear.

Day Three

In this entry, Tammy talks about the trip from Ocotillo to Brawley. The conditions were good but found some challenges in finding a campground for the night. Thank Goodness for another "Road Angel".

The bikes lined up at the pool of RV park in Brawley, California.

The stretch of road between Brawley, California and Palo Verde, California.

Day Two

In this entry, Tammy talks about how the trip began in fog and rain on the way to Pine Valley enroute to Ocotillo. It was a *very* rough road.

The garage where the group was allowed to camp. The wind was very gusty and the owner of the RV park where they were to camp the night of Day 2 let them pack their gear and sleep in the garage. They couldn't pitch their tents because the wind was so bad.

Hanging out in the garage


The Shake Down Ride

In this entry, Tammy talks about the purpose of the Shakedown ride. The group also sets the stage for the beginning of their trip by symbolically putting their rear tires in the Pacific Ocean. When they arrive in St. Augusine, Florida, they will touch their front tires in the Atlantic.

Everyone is getting their gear prepped and packed for the Shakedown ride

Resting at the Cabrillo National Monument at Point Loma during the Shakedown ride


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Yvette Herrell (left) and Xochitl Torres-Small (right)

Commentary: Republican Second Congressional District nominee Yvette Herrell has reviewed the absentee ballot returns in Doña Ana County, and examined the procedures used by the county clerk’s office for receiving absentee ballot applications and the processing and security of ballots.

peter goodman

Commentary: In 2019, I will be more mindful, contemplative, grateful, and kind.

Mindfulness? Hitting a tennis ball, I know to keep my head down as long as possible. Driving, I try to be aware of everything around me, and how fast it's moving.

Can I manage that same mindfulness in all that I do? Be as wholly present washing dishes or watering the vegetables as I am playing ball?

Contemplation is good, both for itself and for its results – although best when I neither seek nor even envision “results.” The gift is to stop for a moment: stop doing, saying, planning, resenting. Just be. Breathe. Stopping the rush, externally and internally, creates space for an insight, a memory, even a poem to wander in. It frees me to appreciate what I really like or enjoy, or hear what may be crying out for change, inside or around me.

U.S. Senator Tom Udall D-NM

Commentary:  Today, U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) applauded House Democrats’ introduction of H.R. 1, the For the People Act, a comprehensive democracy reform package to fight corruption and fix our broken politics. Udall and Merkley will introduce companion legislation in the U.S. Senate in the coming weeks. The legislation builds off of the We The People Democracy Reform package, which Udall and Merkley introduced in the 115th Congress. Udall and Merkley issued the following joint statement:

“Today, Democrats are opening the new Congress by fulfilling our promise to the American people -- moving forward with bold action to return our democracy to the hands of its rightful owners, the American people. It is time to end the dominance of big money in politics; make it easier, not harder, to vote; and ensure that politicians actually serve the public interest. The For The People Act is a landmark and urgently-needed reform package to repair our badly-broken politics, and we will be proud to introduce companion legislation in the Senate in the coming weeks and press for Senate action on reform. 

2019 Outlook: Recession risk heightened but unlikely

Jan 2, 2019
Dr. Chris Erickson

Commentary: The stock market is flat to down and this is bad news for the economy. A decline in the market often foretells an economic slowdown.

Stock prices, more or less, reflects traders’ expectations about future profitability. When the traders collectively believe that the typical company will see falling profits, then the stock market falls. And the typical company doing poorly is the definition of a recession.

Besides, the market is also the yield curve that indicates down turn. The yield term is the relationship between short-term and long-term interest rates, for example, between the three month and 10-year bond.

Hope, Outreach and Service

Jan 2, 2019

Commentary: Today's youth are anxious to complete an educational degree, jump-start their careers and begin earning good wages.  As a significant multicultural population, we all have high hopes that our way of life can be successfully and meaningfully passed on to our families.  To do this, a deep understanding of our majestic landscapes, life with scarce water sources, foods, art, music, lowrider and motorcycle clubs, life in small communities, farms, ranches and unique personal experiences is essential.  Once our way of life is fully integrated and each person is recognized for our purpose — regardless where we choose to live — then the state's collage of talents, products and services will "operate as one", and we will rise to the top of the country's good lists.

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