VIDEO: New Mexico Auditor Candidate’s Commercial Smashes Trump's “Hateful And Wasteful Wall”

May 7, 2018

  Commentary: Democratic State Representative and State Auditor candidate Bill McCamley released his first campaign TV spot that features him tearing down Trump’s wall with a sledgehammer in a spot called “Hammer Time”.  Here is a statement from the campaign:

McCamley doesn’t just talk about tearing down walls, he proves it with legislation. In January 2018, he introduced legislation that prohibits the use of state land in the construction of Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. McCamley also talks about taking some of the state’s massive 24 billion invested on Wall Street and investing some of the money in early childhood development and education.

McCamley continues to be a leader that fights tough fights for progressives from ethics and marriage equality, to standing up for DACA, or fighting against massive corporate giveaways that squander taxpayer money and don’t create new, high paying jobs.

McCamley has major momentum since he’s the first candidate in the race on the air and his impressive list of progressive endorsements: Santa Fe Mayor Alan Weber, American Federation of Teachers, Sierra Club, AFSCME, and the Working Families Party. McCamley is also the only candidate to receive endorsements from both the local and national chapters of Our Revolution.