Stories for Grownups

Jul 20, 2017

Terry Alvarez and Judith Ames at KRWG FM studios.

Las Cruces, NM - On this edition of PUENTES, bridges to the community, host Emily Guerra meets with Storytellers of Las Cruces Vice President, Judith Ames, and Storydancer, Terry Alvarez, to tell us about the 3rd Annual “Stories for Grownups” to be held this Saturday, July 22 from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church Great Room (behind the church), 2000 South Solano Drive. This year’s tellers are Jesse and Juba Addison, a storytelling duo, Judith Ames, Terry Alvarez, Florence Hamilton and Gloria Hacker. Storytellers also tell stories every Saturday at both COAS Bookstores in Las Cruces, and at local retirement homes. New members are always welcome.

Since pre-historic times people have told stories to inform as well as to entertain. Storytellers of Las Cruces have been telling stories to children and adults since 1927. Ames says that sometimes people think listening to stories is just an activity for children, so three years ago she created a new program called “Stories for Grownups” focused at adults and older teens. “Stories are part of our history, heritage, and social connection,” commented Alvarez, “everyone loves a good story.” For more information visit Storytellers of Las Cruces on Facebook.