Robert Bonfiglio, the “Paganini of the Harmonica” performs in Las Cruces

Mar 6, 2015

Harmonica soloist Robert Bonfiglio and LCSO conductor Lonnie Klein at KRWG.
Credit Leora Zeitlin

Harmonica virtuoso Robert Bonfiglio has played hundreds of concerts in all the great concert halls of the world, but to this day, his love for the instrument and the music takes him back to his earliest days. “It brings me back to my childhood. They call it ‘playing’ music, they don’t call it ‘working’ music. When it becomes ‘work,’ I’m not doing it anymore,” he said in an interview with Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra conductor Lonnie Klein, and KRWG’s Intermezzo host Leora Zeitlin. Bonfiglio took out several of his harmonicas and played them on the air, treating listeners to some  blues, classical music, technical demonstrations and more.