NEA: Martinez Veto Does Not Threaten Collective Bargaining Rights

Mar 8, 2018

Credit Office of the Governor

Commentary: Governor Martinez vetoed budget language (page 185, lines 11 to 13) which repeated union negotiation rights already provided for in New Mexico law.  Leadership of the National Education Association- New Mexico issued this statement in response to that “line item” veto:

 “The Governor is mistaken if she thinks her veto makes a difference in whether collective bargaining takes place over possible District decisions to receive state funding of “awards” for “exemplary teachers” with a one-time bonus.   The Governor’s veto changes nothing because existing New Mexico law plainly states that public school employers and employees ‘shall bargain in good faith on wages, hours and all other terms and conditions of employment.’ “(10-7E-17. “Scope of bargaining”), says Charles Bowyer, NEA-New Mexico Executive Director.


Betty Patterson, NEA-NM President notes: “Collective bargaining is a valuable tool Union members and school districts use to come to agreement on salaries, stipends, and insurance costs. Our Collective bargaining agreements have kept many education employees in the state.  It is sad our governor does not recognize this as a tool to help our Education Employees make student lives better.  School employees can rest assured our Local associations will use negotiations to locally determine whether their district will go forward with this wildly unpopular “merit pay” program that undermines collaboration among school teams.”