Democrats: Las Cruces Visit By Sessions Threatens New Mexico Border Communities

Apr 9, 2018

Credit Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R)

Commentary: After Trump Administration Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a visit to Las Cruces on Wednesday, the Democratic Party of New Mexico stood up for border communities.

“Jeff Sessions has a history of spreading hateful rhetoric about Hispanic communities and lies about our border. Having lived on the border my entire life, it’s clear that New Mexico has a unique advantage for success—a border that facilitates commerce, trade, and family ties between New Mexico and our Mexican neighbors. Democrats are going to stand up for our New Mexico values, and Jeff Sessions should listen to the community before this administration continues to move on its divisive border wall,” said Robert Lara, Treasurer of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Last year, Jeff Sessions threatened cities who have immigrant-friendly policies in place with decreased funding for law enforcement – which only reduces resources for cities to address public safety.

Despite Sessions’ threats, the Las Cruces City Council unanimously voted to push for immigrant-friendly policies, making the city safer and inclusive. Reports show that municipalities who have immigrant-friendly policies are safer, largely due to the fact that immigrants more likely to report crimes, carry auto insurance, and work with law enforcement. Law enforcement also has more time to focus on violent crimes rather than using scarce resources for immigration enforcement.