The Chorus Line

Jun 25, 2018


I remember
when I held my mama’s hand
and we walked together
down dirt roads
listened to our stomachs rumble
and walked on

I remember
when my brother was shot
and mama said it was time to leave
and I held my mama’s hand
so tightly
my legs so entwined with hers
that she could barely walk
as we fled down dirt roads
towards an uncertain future
fear our constant companion

I remember
being pulled from mama’s embrace
strong arms
strong words 
my mother tongue
defiled by their words

I remember screaming
reaching for my mama’s arms
shouting, sobbing, pleading
as I was brusquely remanded
to another world
a world
designed by the devil himself
crowded with children
a chorus 
of  unrelenting screams
¿donde esta mamá?

I remember 
my own arms flailing 
as ordered
to an unknown fate
in an efficient single line

I remember
no matter what they do
day by day
I  will remember