Billy Garrett Slams Governor Martinez's Support for Trump Border Militarization Plan

Apr 6, 2018

Credit Commissioner Billy Garrett

Commentary: Billy Garrett joined other southern New Mexican leaders in expressing their opposition to President Donald Trump and Governor Susana Martinez’s intention to deploy National Guard troops along the U.S. Border with Mexico. Garrett is a Democratic contender for Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico and currently serving as a Doña Ana County Commissioner.

“At a time when we’re seeing some of the lowest apprehension rates in illegal crossings in more than 40 years, I’m disappointed to learn Governor Martinez is on the side of a President who has repeatedly vilified our border communities through his dangerous rhetoric,” Garrett said.

Garrett continued, “Given the Governor’s own borderland upbringing, she should know better. New Mexico’s communities are truly binational, and our state’s businesses and families are strengthened by deep bonds intertwined across the border.

“I simply don’t agree that deploying the military against migrants seeking an escape from violence in their countries is reflective of borderland values, our long history of cooperation and shared economic success, or our vision for a strong future in New Mexico.

“I am firmly on the side of other leaders in this region – I thank our delegation in Southern New Mexico for their stand against the Trump and Martinez border plan.”