Channel Updates

Due to changes mandated by the FCC, several of KRWG TV’s translators will be reloctaed to different channel locations. 

  • Truth or Consequences  - Channel 40 will be moving to channel 33 on October 15th
  • Deming - Channels 46 and 49 will be moving to channels 24 and 29 on October 15th
  • Alamogordo - KRWG will remain on channel 22 but viewers will have to perform the rescan procedure below in late December or sooner

Once the changes are complete, over-the-air viewers will have to reprogram their TVs in order to receive our new channels  This procedure varies depending on the model of the TV, but it is usually located in the menu of the TV under “auto program” or “setup.”

The video below provides basic instructions on the rescan process: 

If you have questions, please call 575.646.2222